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That Tree Lady

That Tree Lady

Hosted by: Hettie Brittz

That Tree Lady invites you into conversations with me, Hettie Brittz, my son and collaborator, Pero Brittz and occasional guests about the role of our personality types in leadership, life, marriage, parenting and...


Your Tree Type and Freedom: Let's talk about rules, rulers, and rebels

Season #1 Episode #10

Have you noticed that we all want freedom but that some will not break restrictive rules, while others will break rules as a rule (pun intended!) What role does our personality type play in how we handle rules at home...
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Your Tree Type and Footprints: Let's talk about following and leading

Season #1 Episode #9

Pero and I discuss the stories a leader can live by. What is your narrative as a leader, and have you recently reflected on who or what you're following?
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Your Tree Type and Festivities: Let's talk about celebration

Season #1 Episode #8

This past year has shut down most of our celebrations - from birthday parties to street parades, and even the most sacred of our get-togethers were reduced to online streams -or worse - were summarily cancelled.What...
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Your Tree Type and Forty: Let's talk about maturity

Season #1 Episode #5

Why do some people struggle to grow up, while others are old souls with self-control and seemingly inborn wisdom?In this episode I explore the unique pathways to maturity for each personality type. Learn what you need...
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Your Tree Type and Friction: Let's talk about marriage

Season #1 Episode #6

Are you caught in a cycle of those drawn-out fights that end in a predictable "violence of silence" or in a blowup that at least one of you lives to regret?In this episode I share very personal strategies - the kind...
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Your Tree Type and Fall: Let's talk about change

Season #1 Episode #7

How come some  super tough people crumbled due to the disruptions of 2020, while meek and mild personalities navigated the changes with grace and patience? It hardly seems fair that we were not all affected equally....
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Your Tree Type and Fourteen: Let's talk about teenage temperament.

Season #1 Episode #4

Teens don't need to be a mystery! They have a blueprint and that blueprint reveals some predictable needs we would have to meet, some unique pitfalls to help them avoid, and beautiful results when we give just the...
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Your Tree Type and feelings: Let's talk about self-awareness

Season #1 Episode #3

Do your emotions overwhelm you or sabotage your fulfillment of your purpose? Which emotions? Each of us has a different struggle but all of us can start by looking in the self-awareness mirror. Join our conversation...
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Your Tree Type and fatherhood: When the apple falls far from the father tree

Season #1 Episode #2

Was Father's Day a day of pure confidence that you know and truly "get" your children,  or did you wish you knew more about what makes each of them tick? You can learn the dynamics of opposite personalities in this...
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What's with the trees?

Season #1 Episode #1

Meet Hettie Brittz and her collaborator and son, Pero Brittz. They tell the story of the birth of the four tree type personality styles that are foundational to much of Hettie's work in the leadership, parenting and...
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